Recent highlights of a chess teacher

CM juniortay
May 25, 2015, 2:47 AM |

The past month was a really really busy one. Apart from chess editing and book/magazine writing, preparation for mid-year chess events took up much of my time. Naturally, when one's students win prizes or events, it makes the day of the coach.

National Scholastic U12 Champion 2015

However, even much more satisfying is when the students concerned applied what they have learnt or internalised the concepts into their play to surpass their usual standard.

I received a Whatsapp message from a chess friend, informing me that my student (the kid who won the National Scholastics) had pulled off a stunning prepared line during match practice in school. The chap promptly sent me a video file of the game and I was very pleased as the boy used the motif in a different position from what I showed him. The Scholastics event also had him using a prepared line against his main rival. He didn't play the best moves but understood the concepts enough to down the latter convincingly.

Another occasion to savour was from the recently concluded NTU Open held at the Nanyang Technological University over 23rd-24th May 2015. My wards finished 3rd in the Open Team Category and the team captain Melvin Chin also got 3rd placing in the Individual Category. Apart from the medals and cash prizes (they used it to give their other teammates a dinner treat with it!) they won, the following game played by Melvin really made the switch from school teaching to chess-related work really satisfying!

Melvin Chin (right)

Yes, Melvin did not play perfectly. However, he did give 100% , showed extreme courage and was true to his style indeed, fully deserving his bronze medal!