Jarred Neubronner claims the Thomson Rapid title again

Jarred Neubronner claims the Thomson Rapid title again

CM juniortay
May 29, 2016, 10:48 AM |

In 2014, FM Jarred Neubronner won the Thomson Rapid with a perfect 9/9 score, one point clear of Benjamin Foo. He repeated his title win yesterday though it was harder this time round.


In the critical Round 5 game vs National Champion IM Enrique Paciencia, Jarred survived a dodgy opening to win, seemingly paving the way for him to cruise towards the title.

However, in the next round versus last year's runner up, Stewart Manaog, Jarred did the unthinkable...


Jarred recalled, "I blundered a pawn in the opening but managed to create complications though Stewart held on grimly and emerged with winning chances ('Brilliant defending" - as described by FM Andrey Terekhov). However, he returned the favour by bungling his attack and suddenly I was the one trying to win".

Jarred and Stewart waiting for Round 6 to commence (Picture courtesy of FM Andrey Terekhov)

However, Jarred over-pressed and had to settle for the following position.


Enrique managed to create a 3 way tie for the lead after the next round by beating Stewart and the latter finally dropped off the pace in Round 8 with an upset defeat to National Schools U13 Girls champion, Emmanuelle Hng.  The Nanyang Girls High student certainly proved that her 2139 TPR at the Bangkok Open (earning her about 150 ELO points) was no fluke.


In the final round, Jarred outlasted Emmanuel's Reversed Hedgehog  to claim pole position.

Emmanuelle Hng in full concentration, trying to break down Jarred's Kingside (Picture courtesy of CM Tan Weiliang).

This was despite the efforts of Enrique who warded off the challenge of Richard Lean to match Jarred's 8/9 score, 


Enrique (right)  consolidating against Richard Lean  to reach 8/9 (Picture courtesy of CM Tan Weiliang).


The 1st tiebreak - personal encounter, allowed Jarred to claim the $400 1st prize book vouchers.  Congrats to Jarred, and Enrique too for pushing Jarred to the wire!

Full results can be found here.