QCD-Prof Lim Kok Ann Grandmasters Invitational 2018

QCD-Prof Lim Kok Ann Grandmasters Invitational 2018

CM juniortay
May 4, 2018, 8:55 AM |
After months of preparation and negotiations, we are glad to announce we have finalized the details for the QCD-Prof Lim Kok Ann Grandmasters Invitational 2018 (June 7th to 12th), which is likely to be a Category 8 event with GM norm at 6.5/9 and IM norm at 4.5/9.


The purpose of this event is to provide local and regional chess enthusiasts with an opportunity in Singapore to attain International Master and Grandmaster titles. Additionally, we would like to commemorate this event to the memory of the father of Singapore chess, National Master 'Prof' Dr Lim Kok Ann, 15 years after he passed away on 3rd March 2003.
Prof Lim Kok Ann (circa early 70s) (photo credit: LKA photo archive)
Prof Lim had always been fervent in supporting our local chess talents, including but certainly not limited to IM Tan Lian Ann, GM Wong Meng Kong,  IM Hsu Li Yang, FM Jeremy Lim, FM Mark Chan,  CM Junior Tay, WFM Yip Fong Ling and even to one of our competitors, IM Goh Wei Ming Kevin.
nullProfessor Lim Kok Ann instructing one of his many disciples

The list of people and organizations involved in the event are:


QCD Technology
Lim Kok Ann Legacy Fund
Dr Lim Su Min
Dr Lim Su Chong
Lim Su Hui
Lim Sing Po (Stella Kon)
Lim Sing Yuen
Tan Lian Ann
Dr Hsu Li Yang

Working committee

Dr Mark Liew - Chair
Junior Tay - Coordinator
Dr Hsu Li Yang- Advisor
Christopher Lim - SCF President
Thomas Hoe- SCF Executive Director

Tournament Committee:

IO Thomas Hoe (organizing)
IA Tan Tian Wah (arbitering and DGT relaying)

Event reports

QCD team - website coverage

GM Timur Gareyev (USA)- World Record Holder- Simultaneous Blindfold Matches, winner of 2018 Doebyl Cup (Melbourne) and JAPFA GM Invitational (Jakarta) (Photo Credit: Bangkok Open FB)
GM Tsegmed Batchuluun (Mongolia)- Mongolian No 1 player and 4 time Mongolian National Champion. (Photo credit: Batchuluun's FB)
GM Nguyen Anh Dung (Vietnam) - Former Commonwealth and Asian Zonal 3.2 Champion, 3 time Vietnam Champion, SEA Games Gold Medalist. (Photo Credit: Nguyen's FB)
IM Goh Wei Ming Kevin (Singapore) - 7 time Singapore champion, SEA Games Triple Bronze medalist, NTU Sportsman of the Year 2005, 2 Grandmaster norms. (Photo Credit: Kevin's FB)
IM Munkhgal Gombosuren (Mongolia) - Joint 1st in Kecskement GM 2015, 2016 Mongolian Champion, 2 Grandmaster norms. (Photo Credit: Munkhgal's FB)
IM Irine Kharisma Sukandar (Indonesia) - 2 time Asian Women Champion (2012 and 2014), Double SEA Games Gold medalist, 1 Grandmaster norm. (Photo Credit: Irene's FB)
IM Tin Jingyao (Singapore) - ASEAN Age Group U20 Champion 2015, 2 time Singapore Champion, 1 Grandmaster norm. (Photo Credit: sgchess.net blog)
IM Liu Xiangyi (Singapore) - Lidums Australian Young Masters Champion 2016, Singapore Champion 2014, Equal 3rd in Asian Zonal 3.2 (2017). (Photo Credit: Xiangyi's FB)
FM Lee Qing Aun (Singapore), Joint 1st Singapore Championship 2016, 1st Marianske Lazne IM Invitational 2018 and Joint 2nd Australasian Masters (IM section) 2017.  (Photo Credit: Chesslife FB)
WIM Gong Qianyun (Singapore) - Equal 2nd, Asian 3.3 Zonal (2016), Equal 5th at Penang Open 2012, 5 time Singapore Ladies Champion. (Photo Credit: Gong's FB)

Event Details
GM norm and FIDE rated event
Venue: Metropolitan YMCA (Palm Room), 60 Stevens Road https://www.mymca.org.sg/
(MYMCA is less than 20 minutes (by public transport) away from Singapore’s shopping belt, Orchard Road).
Time Control: G/90min, Increment 30 seconds per move
Schedule (3 single round and 3 double round days)
Technical meeting- 7th June 10.30am to 11.30am
Rd 1 – 7th June - 3.30pm to 8.30pm
Rd 2 – 8th June- 9am to 2pm
Rd 3 – 8th June- 3.30pm to 8.30pm
Rd 4 – 9th June- 9am to 2pm

Rd 5 – 10th June- 9am to 2pm
Rd 6- 10th June-3.30pm to 8.30pm
Rd 7- 11th June- 9am to 2pm
Rd 8- 12th June- 9am to 2pm
Rd 9- 12th June -3.30pm to 8.30pm

Entry fee: S$200 for elo 2400s and above and $250 for u2400 GM/IM norm hunters
Appearance Fee, free flight, hotel stay (with breakfast and lunch buffet) for 3 GMs
Prize Money: 1st $S1000, 2nd S$500, 3rd S$250 (prizes to be shared in the event of a tie), Brilliancy Prize S$250.
Lunch buffet will be provided for all participants and snacks/tea will be served during every round.
DGT boards will be used for the events with the aim of broadcasting all matches on Chess24.com, Playchess.com servers and the ChessBomb website.