Titled Tuesday! - Definitely 'too weak, too slow'.

CM juniortay
Nov 25, 2014, 9:01 PM |

I took part in my first Titled Tuesday event which ended 7.5 hours ago and got pulverized 1.5/8 before the Chess.com pairing program mercifully gave me a last round 1 point bye for a final score of 2.5/9 (40th position out of 70 players). I could blame the 3am start time (in Singapore) but honestly, I was 'too weak, too slow'  (a term made famous by the Magnus Carlsen-Laurent Fressinet blitz chess  youtube video where the World Champ uttered this phrase while handing his second a hiding). However, I really enjoyed myself tremendously as every game was a challenge and I mostly wrecked my games in time trouble. 


IM Yaacov Norowitz could even spot me 1 minute 17 seconds for his first move as he probably took a toilet break while our match started - and he won comfortably.


The pre-tourney bantering by IM Danny Rensch was pretty funny as prior to the start of the event, he commented that he showed up as GM Georg Meier during Halloween and that he 'owned Meier's German accent'. Watching Chess.com TV's coverage of the recently concluded World Championships, I find that the enigmatic, rapid jabbering and 'punny' Danny makes an excellent foil when paired with the erudite and 'more refined' European Georg who gets all technical (but ultra accurate!) and serious when describing Berlin pawn structures and plans.


There was also a flutter of excitement as there was talk of Nakamura showing up to play in December's edition.


However, as the tournament progressed, Meier took control of the proceedings and proceeded to 'own' the event. The main difference I think, was his ability to squeeze out the endings (even with little time left) in slight plus or even positions through judicious and patient manouvering. And just like GM Baadur Jovaba last month, he revved up to 8/8, a clear 1.5 points ahead of his nearest rivals, leaving the likes of GMs Hammer, Schebler, Klein, Dominguez Leinier(!) and IM Norowitz in the dust. Awesome stuff, really, clearly deserving the US$500 first prize.  Only GM Maxim Dlugy stood up to him in the last round and they fought to a draw which ensured the American GM 2nd place.


As for me, the only memorable game was my round 1 draw against Norway's no 2, GM Jon Ludwig Hammer.



Most definitely looking forward to December's edition!