Unusual Stalemates

Jun 11, 2014, 1:58 PM |

    Most of you know that stalemates can be used as defensive resourses. There are many beautiful stalemating positions, but many of them are not too unusual. Still, there are amazing stalemates out there, like this 10-move stalemate found by puzzlemaker Sam Loyd:


    Sam Loyd also found this stalemate with all pieces on board:


    There are also super-super-super-super rare things known as "double-stalemate"-both sides are stalmated. For example, the following insane positions are double stalemate:

So, you might think, "This is all cool, but how about in real tournament games?" Good question, and there is an answer.

My next selection is a game by Jonathan Tisdall. It's quite long, so bear with me (or skip to the end)!