A Deep Chess Culture+Talent= Richness of Ideas and Patterns!

A Deep Chess Culture+Talent= Richness of Ideas and Patterns!

Jun 3, 2018, 8:43 PM |

When looking through the book "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" (by the way, one of the best chess books ever!), one thing that strikes the eye is the richness of ideas, patterns, maneuvers, in Bronstein's games. This is a sublime book, a great tool for improving your chess! I go back to this book again and again, and it never fails to inspire and entertain me!


Tonight I want to share with you the game Veresov-Bronstein, from the 1960 USSR Team Championship, played in Moscow.

Bronstein writes:

"The Soviet Team Championship was an annual event. Once every four years it formed part of the Sports Olympiad of the USSR.

"Immediately after the Olympiad was finished in the summer of 1967, I went to the Dynamo Sports Club and found all officials very busy and excited. They tried to find a mistake in the calculations of the points gathered from about 50 different kinds of sport.

The problem was that the Dynamo Sports Club was losing the Olympiad to the world-famous Soviet Army Sports Club, by just one point. I was following their discussions and then suddenly an ingenious idea came to me and I asked modestly: 'Excuse me, please, but how many points did you count for my performance?' 'David, why are you asking such a question.? Of course we know that you won the Olympiad with the Moscow Team. We gave you the maximum number of points.' 'What do you mean for the win?', I asked. 'I am the double winner.' Suddenly they fell all silent and I continued: 'This year the competition is also the Championship of the USSR, so I received an extra gold medal.'

"You should have seen the happy faces all around! With my extra point, the Dynamo Sports Club overtook the Soviet Army Sports Club an achieved first place. This assured me a steady income for the next two years and the exclusive permission to have my holidays, during all four seasons of the year, at the football training camp of  Dynamo outside Moscow in very nice surroundings!"

Here is the game!