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Alekhine Learns from Rubinstein and Lasker!

Alekhine Learns from Rubinstein and Lasker!

Feb 16, 2017, 6:53 PM 1
Akiba Rubinstein
"You learn more from your losses than from your wins." This is true, because your losses show you which areas you need to work on and improve, to become a better player and realize your potential.
Here are two games that Alekhine lost, but which were pivotal in his development as a player!
In the first one, Rubinstein violates a cardinal rule; he captures not towards the centre, but towards the outside. It turns out the great Rubinstein knew what he was doing!
Emanuel Lasker
The second game is from 1914, the year WWI broke out. Lasker teaches a profound lesson to Alekhine!

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