Attacking a "Solid" Opponent

May 14, 2012, 6:06 PM |

In 2011 I played 3 games ijn the Icelandic Chess Club Team Championship. These were the last 3 rounds of the tournament, played at the beginning of March in Reykjavik.

Just before this round, I asked my dear friend Suren Torfi Leosson about my opponent's play. He said, "He is a very solid player".

So, as Bronstein would say, the first question is, "How to begin the attack?

My opponent played an extremely solid opening, the Torre Attack (A46).

I was out of shape and not well prepared, so this set me off thinking on my own. Not wanting to be restricted on the black squares, I decided on an early pawn sacrifice. I do not know if it had been played before. I got some initiative for the pawn, and at one point I should just have recovered it and gone for an even endgame. But I wanted to give mate! I made some attacking moves and sacrificed the exchange to try to mount an attack against White's king. My opponent defended brilliantly and sacrificed the exchange in return, after which he had a slight advantage in the endgame. At this point I offered a draw, which was accepted. I said to him, "I am happy to get a draw", and he replied, "And I am happy not to get mated!".


I am proud of this game, because of my original pawn sacrifice!