Gufeld- Irrepressible Creative Force!
L to R: Maia Chiburdanidze, Nana Ioselani, Aivars Gipslis, Nona Gaprindashvili, Nana Alexandria, Kasparov, Eduard Gufeld. (Photo source: unknown)

Gufeld- Irrepressible Creative Force!


Intuition can be used in many ways. All of my best life-decisions have been intuitive. I also use intuition when I do music.

But today intuition took another role! I have about 200 chess books in my book shelve. Today I chose a book at random, and came away with GM Eduard Gufeld's "My Life in Chess".

So I open the book, and come upon a brilliant game, which shows how one side can take the initiative and make the position explode like a balloon!

Curiously enough, the Chapter in which this game is highlighted is titled "Intuition and Inspiration".

Here is the game, with Gufeld's notes before and during the game.

"Intuition and Inspiration"

"To my unforgettable friend, the chess genius Mikhail Tal."

"Today the move 5...e5 in the Sicilian Defense evokes no emotion- it is made by many. But in the time of Steinitz and Tarrasch those who played Black never dared to weaken the d-file so irreparably.

"One can imagine the amazement of K. Schlechter, one of the pillars of classic style, when this "suicide" move was introduced by him, not by an amateur, and not in an "easy" game, but by World Champion Lasker himself during tyhe crucial game for the World Championship. "it is clear", thought Schlechter, apparently, "today is the last game but one of the match, the score is in my favor, and that is why the World Champion goes whole hog."

*(Here is the game, with notes by Capablanca!)

"Perhaps that was the case. Later this move was usually used when winning chances were thought possible, especially when playing against an obviously weaker opponent. For example, in the game Malgrem-Alekhine (Orebro 1935) the "bluff" was justified at once:

"Nowadays the move 5...e5 is connected with a thoroughly worked out plan of counterplay."

As a bonus, here is Gufeld, analyzing this game! Enjoy!