Kosteniuk, A Genius of the Chessboard
GM Alexandra Kosteniuk

Kosteniuk, A Genius of the Chessboard

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Today Alexandra Kosteniuk won a spectacular game against Mariya Muzychuk. Muzychuk seemed to have the advantage on the kingside, where she had advanced, and at the critical moment, Kosteniuk surprised her opponent by sacrificing a pawn, and then the exchange, to gain a powerful attack which yielded her victory a few moves later.

Here is the game:

Now, this game reminds me of another great game by Kosteniuk, a win against Hou Yifan from the Black side of a Ruy Lopez in the World Championship Tournament of 2008:

I admire the energy that Kosteniuk infuses on the pieces.
She plays with Black as if she had White!
An amazing display of creative energy and talent.