Power Moves!

Power Moves!

Jul 2, 2017, 8:11 PM |

Some players have power in their moves....their concepts have weight and power! They are able to deliver "hammer blows"...in some cases, it can be a sizzling combination. In others, it is the tsrength of their concept that triumphs!

One such player was Emanuel Lasker. In the following game, at the age of 66, he defeats Euwe with the Black pieces, one year before Euwe played a match for the World Championship!

Here is another great game, from  St. Petersburg, 1914!

Here is the game Simaginfan mentions!




Aaron Nimzowitsch





It is not everyday that someone beats Anderssen in 12 moves!





The following game I have given in another blog....but I find it irresistible in a post about power moves!

They nicknamed Bronstein "Cunning Devik" because, when you thought you had him, he had a hidden "trick" up his sleeve! I imagine Mikenas jumped up when Bronstein made his power move (...Rxa3!) in this game!

In the following game, Krochnoi's threats look irresistible, but Bronstein has something up his sleeve! Power move!