Tal and Rubinstein, Partners in Crime!
Mikhail Tal gives Bobby Fischer a Flower for His Birthday

Tal and Rubinstein, Partners in Crime!

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When you study the games of the Great Masters of the past, it becomes easier to understand what players are doing in the present.

Two contradictory things are happening at the same time: The younger generation, deluded by the "intelligence" or "smartness" of computers, is led to think that the great Masters of the past did not know how to play chess that well, and that today's players are "so much better".

And the we hear some "Super GM", analyzing a game, saying something like "the move he played wasn't one of the engines' first two choices, so I didn't know what to do". Then you realize that part of it is just memorization, and not understanding in an intelligent way.

Yet, today's elite, today's Super GMs are playing the openings that these "weaker" players from the past invented and played!

The d3 systems against the Ruy, the d3 systems in the Italian Game, these were mastered by the players of the late 19th Century. Just look at the games of Steinitz and Zukertort.

The Queen's Gambit Declined was the main opening in the World Championship Match between Capablanca and Alekhine in 1927!

Now, at the elite level, the Queen's Gambit Declined is the most seen d4 opening! We learn from the great Masters of the Art of Chess. Modern players are NOT better. They have more access to information (including the games of the Masters we underestimate!).

Intelligence and genius are not limited by time.

OK, back to our is a game by Tal, against his coach!

And here is a possible predecessor, Rubinstein! (1908)

And here, courtesy of my good friend, Simaginfan, is a modern game, a Keres Attack in the Sicilian, featuring this same g6 move!