Uncharted Territory

Mar 22, 2012, 8:31 AM |

 A few weeks ago I went to Iceland. My good friend and brother, Suren, invited me to be a part of the Reykjavik Club Team.

In Iceland, they play the Chess Club Team Championship in two parts- a few rounds in the fall, and the last 3 in March, just before the Reykjavik Open. Under the rules of the tournament, clubs can invite a few GMs to be a part of their team. Some clubs have a lot of money, and this allows them to bring some top GMs!

Our club was trying to get 3rd place (we ended up in 4th)...

In my particular case, I have been buying chess books and trying to study a bit, because I wanted to do a good job, even though I have been "retired" from chess tournaments for 30 years!

Last year I scored one loss and two draws. This year was better, one win and two draws!

This is my first game (I had White in all my games!):



I missed a few opportunities, But I am very proud of my move, 18.f4!