The Mystery Cure: Chapter 8

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The Mystery Cure

Chapter 8: The Rise of Poopoo

Kohta gave Mia the paper and Mia happily accepted it, grinning at the sight of the number once again. Mia suddenly burst in tears because she realized that Kohta stole her birthday cake.
“Give it back!” she yelled, raising a threatening fist in Kohta’s face. “Give it back!!” she said repeatedly with every time getting louder.
Kohta raised his hands in the air like he just didn’t care. He tilted his head from side to side and closed his eyes and jiggled his hands as if listening to some song.
“I didn’t hear you!” Kohta said, pointing to the white earbuds in his ears.
Mia grabbed the wires of the earbuds and yanked them out of Kohta’s ears, but the same smile covered his face.
“MY BIRTHDAY CAKE, GIVE IT BACK,” Mia said, attracting the attention of all of the passing nurses.
“No,” Kohta defiantly said, “because your friend is a --”
“I don’t want to HEAR IT!” Mia screamed.
“Poopoo~” Kohta said in song. “Poopoo~, poopoo~” he continued to tease.
Mia clasped her hands over her ears and shut her eyes in frustration. “AH STOP IT!” she helplessly yeled, calling for help.
No one came to her rescue though.
Her cake was a hostage and she, too, was under attack.
Kohta continued to torture Mia, “Poopoo~ poopoo~” he would never stop.
And Mia just sat there on the floor, crumbling against the cold hospital walls, squirming and shivering at the horrible truth.
Lilly was a poopoo.
And Mia couldn’t deny it.

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