Why Beginers find it hard

Apr 19, 2009, 8:12 PM |

Why is chess so difficult for beginners?? Actually it is not at all hard as it seems to be.Just follow some easy ateps to become a better player:


2.Play often

3.Think before you move.Thinking before you move is crucially imortant.I know many many people have said this,but the thing is:

Most of us hurry and we just want move and it ends up as a bad move.

In the end it means one thing:We did not think before moving.This is a good tip I got from my school chess team leader.

Another thing is we have to analyse the board.What is analysing the board??

Basically we look at the board see all of our pieces,and including our opponents pieces.What most of us do is we,do not look at our opponents pieces in their perspectives.We tend to see how our opponents pieces look tike at the front.What happens finally is we are fooled by those pieces.

So , the conclusion is,lose..........

This is also another tip given by my school chess team leader...

I hope these simple tips can help you play chess better.

Good luck to all beginners,playing chess is not at all hard.