3600 Tenge turned into our Christmas Tree

Dec 4, 2007, 5:42 AM |
3,600 Tenge turned into our Christmas tree

The first thing he wants to experience is the Pacific ocean and since he snowboards in the mountains surrounding Almaty, he wants to try surfing.  The next thing he wants to witness is Hollywood and the squares with all the stars.  Finally, he wants to see the skyscrapers in L.A.  I told him he better be prepared for the pollution that is there (no different than Almaty) and for his need of a car.  He said he received his favorite sports car from his Dad when he was 18 years old but sold it in anticipation of going to the U.S.  He hopes to study for 3-4 years in an art school after he accomplishes his English training course work.  His plan is to come back to his native land of Kazakhstan and help his country.  He is INTO selling web designs and advertising and drawing.  He is a gifted person and has much to offer, I hope the best for him.

However, last week he admitted he made a BIG mistake of asking the interviewer at the American consulate, because he was so nervous, if he could answer questions in Russian. The interviewer threw him out and in front of others waiting for their interview, yelled, “No English, no visa.” So, I hope to build up his confidence so he can sail through his next interview this Friday. He liked our conversation so much that he asked to see me again on Thursday morning. Sure, I’ll squeeze him into my busy schedule, but I still have 58 applications to go through that I’m evaluating. I have looked at teachers qualifications with references, transcripts and their statement of purpose for being awarded for one or two years of coursework for a masters degree in the U.S.  I’m at the half way point and learning much about Turkmenistan’s system of education (or lack thereof). 

Anyway, for today, it was nice to turn around talking in English into a little Christmas tree.