Found Russian Krylov's fable!

Apr 24, 2008, 7:04 PM |
Swan Pike CrabThankfully with a little more information from my Russian Kazakhstani friend, I was able to find a poem attributed to the conundrum our Central Asian university faces.  We have separate ethnic groups in places of authority who are trying to pull the same load in vastly different directions.  Krylov was on to something about how our institution of “higher learning” will get itself out of its mess.  How DID Krylov know?

Once a Swan, a Pike, and a Crab

Tried to pull a loaded cab, …

They pulled hard, did not flinch,

But they gained not an inch …

The Swan pulled hard toward the sky

The Crab to crawl backward did try,

The Pike made for the river nearby.

They could not agree on an approach out of the mess.