My Dad is My Hero!!!

Jan 13, 2008, 6:13 PM |

Meanwhile, my husband and I “enjoy” urban life in Almaty, Kazakhstan during the winter months.  Thankfully, my folks superintend our house and acreage of garden and lawn until we return in the spring.  I suppose we qualify as “snow birds” but no real, self-respecting bird would fly our path of migration from Central Asia to the Midwest.

Central Asia and Kazakhstan in particular was known for their sheepherding and nomadic lifestyle.  At least that was true before the communist edicts from Moscow succeeded in changing everyone’s lives to collective farms in the former Soviet Union.  In my devotional today from “Streams in the Desert” I read the following:

  “The Oriental shepherd was always ahead of his sheep.  He was down in front.  Any attack upon them had to take him into account.  Now God is down in front.  He is in the tomorrows.  It is tomorrow that fills men with dread.  God is there already.  All the tomorrows of our life have to pass Him before they can get to us.”

  I woke up this morning with the distinct impression that “the good guy always wins.”  I need to hold on to that as my husband goes off to fight the wolves in the pack who want to tear him to pieces.  He is my hero too, along with my Dad, but we couldn’t do what we are doing in Central Asia without God’s help.