My Mom is Too!!!

Jan 14, 2008, 5:05 PM |

Old Ski jumpMom at airportMy Mom is my hero too because she does so much for us.  She cooks scrumptious meals, listens to our every story, and takes care of our finances while we are away in Kazakhstan.  She is wearing her Norwegian sweater in this photo as she came to Minnesota as a full-blooded Norwegian transplant from North Dakota.  I’m interested in the Telemark region because of my study of S.A. Olsness (my cousin twice removed) and his 30 diaries spanning from 1925-1954. 

My brother Tony just sent me some photos he took of the ski jump near Devils Lake that these North Dakota Norwegians used about 100 years ago because they missed their ski slopes back in Norway.  Obvious to see, more than a little rickety now and years of not enough snow to cover the old, wooden planks.  Our Midwest country was filled with dare devils who crossed the Atlantic to venture into Dakota grain farming but also to tame the wilds of the prairie.  My Mom comes from a very rich and proud heritage!!!