Nine Kazakh Proverbs from Saule

May 23, 2008, 8:16 PM |
My husband had asked Saule for some specific Kazakh proverbs that might relate to the “Golden Rule.”  The following are what she came up with: 

“Nightingale cannot do without woods, man cannot do without Motherland.” 

“If the dead aren’t satisfied, the living will not get rich” [If you don’t remember and honor/respect the departed ancestors, you will not succeed/get rich in your life.] 

“If somebody offends you, don’t treat him in the same way – treat him to food.” 

“Work is your hands’ dirt.”  [Work is temporary, today you might be boss but tomorrow not.  Don’t become proud (get conceited, put on airs, become arrogant)] 

“If your wife is good, your home is full of abundance (guests, joy, luck, happiness)If your wife is bad, your home is full of unhappiness (sadness, failure).” 

“If your daughter-in-law is good, your house is golden.” 

“Man is a defender of his people, Woman is a mother for her people.” 

“Bad people cry that they are good, Good people can’t say they are good.” 

“Escape (run away from ) rich people lying to you,Escape poor people complaining to you.”