Photos of Two Campus Events

May 21, 2008, 7:30 PM |

Peyton and studentsKen and teachers

teachers The photos are two entirely different events scheduled simultaneously on the same campus with two unlike groups of people, teachers and students.  My dear husband Ken shared in the Teacher-Research Workshop, to almost 40 Kazakhstani teachers, his experience as an economics teacher getting students to write short papers without plagiarism.  Simultaneously I went over to the big hall to hear all the rules 250 Kazakhstani students need to know before they go to the U.S. on a Work and Travel program in about a week.  Both sessions were dealing with rules not meant to be broken! The following are reactions by a few of the teachers to yesterday’s blog about the “Virtual Classroom.” 

How did the ten quotes from your teacher colleagues about IT [Instructional Technology] make you feel? – use three adjectives  

Wistful, somewhat old, pessimistic 

Everyone understands that virtual classroom is contributive, practical and a bit challenging as it involves IT in itself. 

practical, up-to-date, challenging 

not new, actual, exciting to put into practice