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Preparing to Climb Chess Mountain

Preparing to Climb Chess Mountain

Nov 28, 2007, 1:23 PM 1

Before climbers can scale Mt. Everest, many undergo serious discipline, exercise, and preparation. Many spend weeks with sherpas and trainers. On the climb, they must be in excellent shape or risk death and a negative impact on the team. We must also stay in shape on our journey. Can we afford to fall behind? How would that impact our team? What would happen to those who are depending on us to lead them?

Being in shape on our journey of chess is essential. We need to develop discipline. We need to learn openings. We need to learn when to do what. We need to practice, but we must realize that "practice does not make perfect." It is "RIGHT practice that makes perfect!" When we are preparing for a big match, we can be helped by looking over an opponent's history (previous games with other opponents) to know favorite openings as well as possible tactical advantages.

Many grandmasters realize the benefits of exercise, rest, and proper diet. Treat your body well and the mind will benefit. How are you preparing to climb the chess mountain? I want to make one final suggestion:  Work hard to learn one thing EVERY game. If you do, your game will improve!

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