Bits of Advice to Win! Win! Win!

Bits of Advice to Win! Win! Win!

Dec 13, 2007, 7:54 AM |

There are bits of advice for winning at chess. Some of these bits, though small, can be the difference in winning or losing. Some can help a beginner take the next step toward a more solid game and improved play and rating. Consider some of the following bits of advice. Then, please leave a comment with others you have found helpful!

Bits of Advice to Win:

  • Concentrate!
  • Play a solid opening.
  • Make the best move every time!
  • For most players, open with a center pawn.
  • Develop your pieces!
  • Gain control of the center.
  • Avoid moving a piece twice in the opening (unless absolutely necessary).
  • Castle quickly without sacrificing development and momentum.
  • Don't just move; move with a plan and purpose!
  • Plans must be short and examined from both sides of the board.
  • Avoid trading pieces of equal value unless there is a clear advantage or you are ahead by at least five points.
  • Where possible, prevent your opponent from castling.
  • In the middle game, avoid moving and causing pawn chain weakness.
  • After the opening, evaluate every possible move by considering the following: your current material, king safety, enemy attacks, ability of your pieces to move/attack, and pawn structure.
  • When in even but cramped positions, look for strategic opportunities to exchange pieces.
  • Knights are frequently better than bishops in cramped positions.

What else would you add? Add a comment below.