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Stop Playing Chess Blindfolded!

Stop Playing Chess Blindfolded!

Dec 1, 2007, 10:03 AM 0

Have you ever participated in a team-building activity in which participants were paired off with one member of the pair being blindfolded and told not to speak. The blindfolded group is then brought into a room that has several obstacles in place. The seeing partner attempts to verbally instruct his or her blindfolded partner how to cross the room while avoiding the obstacles. The problem is that all other seeing partners are trying to help their blindfolded partners at the same time. It becomes loud and confusing.

Successful partners learn to communicate without yelling. The blindfolded partner learns to listen carefully for his/her partner's voice. Instructions must be simple. Directions right or left must be clear. Trust is essential.

How would your chess game change if you began to listen to what your partners, your chess pieces, are trying to tell you? Stop playing blindfolded! Stop looking for a quick move. Start listening to your pieces tell you which is the BEST move. That simple instruction, if followed, can be the difference in major improvement in your game. Don't rush. Think. Consider all your pieces. Consider the plan and pieces of your opponent. Then make the BEST move!

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