My thoughts and Goals

Jun 16, 2009, 4:53 AM |

  Well I am not too sure what to say here but I've been thinking alot lately.You see I've visit this website called Organize IT and that got me the idea of blogging about myself. Sorry dudes won't be talking about chess here maybe in a another blog in another time.

  All I want is to be better in life,health and financially. I am just sick and tired of not be able to doing anything much about it but I am totally reposible for that. My biggest hurdle to overcome is my procrastination, yeah I know I have no excuses. For example one of my group I have created is dying and I am stuck and trying to figure out what to do and during the months I just keep thinking up solutions and not putting them into action. I've been putting them off or most of the time I can't be bother. Not a very good attitude is it.

   You don't have to do or say anything here. Your comments, criticisms or anything or even some hints how to improve my blog (This my first.) is welcome long as they are postives.

   So what I am gonna do is keep writing here with my thoughts through out the week. Hopefully start with a new blog for each week with my progression.


17/6/09    Aargh my back , got a very sore back lately damn it, hopefully it will get better by this Saturday cause I am going to my very first otb tournament 'Perth Open'. Nervous nah not really haven't been preparing for this at all no study at all. I am not worry about htis I am just gonna just jump straight into it and have some fun I've got nothing to lose.
     i like to thanks to all you guys for your responses and to make my blog worthwhile. Yeah is not that easy as is sound Aaron 'Just Do It' well I have to just  to say it and do it.


18/6/09   ahh my back is getting a litte bit better but the stupid thing is my neck is sore now lol. 2 more days to go now for my first otb tourney.
   Aaron yeah I was just thinking about 'just do it' also what I think is most important is priority funny enough Aaron when you had your last exam for accounting you got a little lower result than you were expected because you were focusing on chess ! so you will have to ask yourself 'what is your top priority ?' if you say accounting then you should be working on that first before you play chess, just a thought.

   What do think of the idea of having a group for this sort of things like helping out with their goals ,motivation etc.?