About me

Jan 12, 2010, 9:52 PM |

This was taken from my homepage-

   I am married with two boys .As you can see that I am a cleaner, ahh bloody hell ! at least I am free during the day. I like archery, tenpin bowling, reading and camping and bushwalking. I'm a kiwi born been living in Perth half of my life, still proud to be a kiwi and a aussie. Well for me ,how did it start? I think it was when in one Xmas in '72 I got this present a compendium games. It has snake and ladder, backgammon,  draught ,chess etc.threw the backgammon and chess out cause nobody knew how to play it! [got 2 younger sisters] then about a year later I ask dad he didn,t know,so he ask a friend ,so my sister & I tried it out, just muck around really lol.Few years later we get this magazjne called Listener (tv guide} is had some article on chess then I learn it by myself.
        I remember one at Intermediate school we had activety class and it has chess so I went to it wasn't much though.
        Moved to Dunedin, few years later I remember we had a visitor from Germany, Robert Hubner giving a simutaneous games, interesting.

        Few years later I was about nineteen tried to join up at the Otago chess club, only been there for awhile cause they played on Saturday night, well I prefer going out with my mates for a few beers instead.

          Moved to Darwin then down to Perth not much with chess, bought few more books and now here I am in the chess.com.