My thoughts and Goals (2)

Jun 22, 2009, 10:51 PM |

Hi everyone had a good weekend sofar went to Woodvale for the Perth Open tournament. It was a 7 rounds robin, the first 2 round was a rapid play with 45 min. for each player then the rest of the games was 1 hr per player. Result 4 lost 1 draw 1 win and a bye not bad for a first timer. So I got some ideas for my goals to improve my games. 1. Stop relying on the game explorer and using too much from the book opening , firstly get a better understanding about the opening before I make the move, what I think is best, before looking into the book or GE to see if I got it right. 2. Start reading that book I've got called 'Logical Chess:Move by Move', to see if I can get a better understanding behind the opening. 2. 1/2 hr on tactics daily. At the moment rarely use it. 3. Start study on basic endgame more closely    (more to come....)

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