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Yahoo Chess Hacked?

Jan 8, 2009, 1:48 AM 2

Ok so I'm really angry right now - I just played two games on Yahoo Chess (I kept disconnecting here using live chess at chess.com) and each game was hacked. Beasically, I would go to make a move and it would throw my piece to some strange location, and then it would continue to let me play. Last I checked position was important in chess, and bishops aren't supposed to fly to the bottom right corner when u need it to capture a queen. I'm so pissed right now - it is one thing to lose a legit game, but its another thing to watch your rating slowly dwindle to complete newbs just because they have some BS program. Either this is the case or Yahoo Chess just has some MAJOR kinks/glitches that they need to work out. The pieces flying randomly happened to me 3 times today, and when it happened the last two times I just threw my hands up and said forget this (that's the nice way of putting it). I'll go back to chess.com's live chess for a bit, but the dissconnection rate is somewhat high (and I'm on a good computer/strong connection). Any thoughts?

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