i am

May 18, 2012, 5:22 AM |

a friend

Tossed on a sea of hurt,
no longer my thoughts to
Down as low as i can go,
passed by the feelings
that wont show.
Wretched am i i kiss lifes
In my loneliness feeling lost.
Anger falls on a silent world,
for my feelings have gone
To climb out of the hell i hold,
seems impossible i am left cold.
A little kindness would go some
way,to help me through these jungle
The mornings ..they come to soon,
fading in its infinite glory,
like the full moon.
There is no answer to my plight,
oris the answer, to give up the fight?
Leaving my dreams unfulfilled,
becoming an empty, barren field.
Stripped of my skin my identity denied
renewing the host my sanity to deride.
Life has my measure my spirit to rise.
No longer to live to the sound of lies.

Copyright © ken newman