true art


i love the feel of paint on my hands
.when i get down and dirty i use any thing to get what im
after ,paint has a certain smell a cetain consistency,i have
painted whole pictures before just with the use of my hands
,sometimes you can feel the painting coming to life,as you
move the paint around shapes start to appear ,familiar like a
thousand memorys,stored in every pore ,painting dose not
get easier as you aquire the basic skill ,it becomes harder
because your expectation level will rise with each canvas
complete,allways on the the search for that one master-
piece that will set you amongst the stars,amongst the gods
,to create equal to them is probably the dream of all
aspiring geniuses.we artists paint create because we cant
help ourselves,there is a demon driving us on to greater
goals ,when i paint i lose all that is around me ,i dont
surface untill the work is complete, then comes the down
side of completion,the exhaustion ,the empty feel, you
people who create know what i am to experience
this ,its like losing a part of your soul each time you produce
a work of art.the thing im getting at is the utter joy of a
finished piece,is second to none ,hoping this will be the
enevitable master-piece.