Jul 15, 2012, 11:05 PM |

cast aside on lifes
roller coaster ride
secrets in store
left bitter and sore
lies pore forth in
ever increasing force
fantasy for you is your
daily source

the light flickers on
your past me then your
can't stop now i have
a story to sow.
making it up as you go
singing that old familiar

you are the original fairy
you play the part that has
now become stale.
re-writing the story for you
is a life times review
you play the cast so well
daubed in your favourite attire
to complete the sell

the smile you present is your key
open my heart with this;; silly me!!
to think i mean a thing to you.
the absurdity of this is so true
down on the floor i go knees showing
signs of wear..this aint getting me

do you ever stop to think or have you
out grown your skin
its easy for people like you pain is
something that you accrue
your words to opine your methods not

half of you is good i know ,the other
half has far to go.
friendship means nothing to you turning
it around is below you too
a glimmer of hope would be nice
my friendship to entice.
Copyright © Ken Newman