Chess Education Library

Aug 16, 2014, 8:08 AM |

  This is to get the word out on a effort I am taking on my part to start amassing a library and other resources for developing chess players. Initially, a library in my home town that I will later like to network, and develop into a book exchange between other chess clubs. Also eventually, I would like to acquire a computer, equipped with chess development software for aspiring and developing chess players, young and old, to help sharpen their skills to prepare for tournament play and more. IF YOU'RE INTERESTED, both financial, and physical donations of books are welcome. Several have already donated books, including myself. If you're interested in financial donation, the link will be included below. If looking to donate books physically, please fel free to contact me for info =) THANKS! - Austin

And anyone who'd care to get involved, or simply stay up to date on progress and/or just join in with good friends, we can be found at: