English Opening: 1...e5 Karpov var. 8...a6

Oct 9, 2013, 11:31 PM |

   This will begin the journey through Marin's GM Rep. volumes 1-3. This is mainly for reviewing the lines from the book easily for everyone, without everyone having to PGN their own lines. Not much will be said here in this main body, for I'm certain Marin's works will do plenty of the talking for me, so no need to be redundant. And we're off!

Chapter Three

Karpov Variation: 8...a6 - 10...Be6

Variation points: 

Moves: 12...Bh3 / ...Rac8 / ...Ne7 / ...Rfe8



   And an accompanying 17-game mini database to reference while reviewing the line.