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A Masterpiece from Horowitz

A Masterpiece from Horowitz

Jun 6, 2008, 4:16 PM 4

This game was contributed by Mike Ardrey to the June 2008 issue of "Chess Life" Magazine. These are Mr. Ardrey's comments in his own words:

"My thanks to GM Andy Soltis for his tribute to GM Al Horowitz in the January "Chess to Enjoy." Not only did he found Chess Review, he also was its chief supporter for many years. He mainly used the receipts from self-promoted simultaneous exhibitions to keep Chess Review alive. His friends estimated that he walked well over 10,000 miles in these exhibitions. American Chess will never be able to repay its debt to him.

However, despite the many fine examples of the GM's work Soltis provided, he ommitted what most consider Horowitz's Masterpiece: New York, 1931. This game marks why he was counted as one of the strongest players of his time. The final combination rivals the best of Morphy, Alekhine and Marshall."

Here is the game...

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