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No Chess Players in Heaven

No Chess Players in Heaven

Jan 29, 2008, 9:26 PM 10

"Paladins of the chessboard, Alekhine and Bogolubov, each of Russian stock, maintained a grim, competitive relationship during their careers. They met often, and their games, full of fire and brimstone, reflected not only their naturally adventurous temperaments but also their adversion for each other.

Legend has it that once, when they met at a function, Alekhine was called upon to speak. After the usual amenities, he unfolded this tale: "Last night I dreamed that I had died. Like all good chess players, I wended my way to heaven, where I was met at the pearly gates by Saint Peter. He asked who I was, and I responded, "I am Alekhine, the Chess Champion of the World." Sadly, Saint Peter informed me that no chess players were permitted. I was, of course, dimayed. Before turning back, however, I thought I would have a quick look around, and whom did I spy? Why, none other than my dear friend, Bogolubov. I hastened to call this to Saint Peter's attention, and he shook his head and said, "He only thinks he is a chess player." 

(Al Horowitz)

Below is a fine example of play between these Masters.

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