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The Flying King

The Flying King

Aug 4, 2008, 10:34 AM 6

As you all probably know, Anna Zatonskih won the United States Women's Championship by defeating IM and two-time Champion Irina Krush in Tulsa. The two girls tied for first by scoring 7.5 points each, and according to Chess Life writer Tom Brounlich: "The tournament regulations called for a rapid playoff for the title. This playoff would prove to be both close and controversial, with a cacophony of criticism from internet observers."

The final "Armageddon Game" turns into a time scramble, with Anna and Irina literally banging out their moves. Irina runs out of time while Anna, with one second still left in her clock, claims the coveted crown.

A tired and frustrated Irina sends her King flying across the table with her right hand, and not very happy, rushes out of the room. This dramatic moment can be seen in the following video:


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