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The Swindler Wizard

The Swindler Wizard

May 17, 2008, 5:34 PM 6

The endgame is the special domain of the swindle, for it is in this final stage that players dream up last-minute expedients to save themselves from otherwise certain loss. Some of the cleverest gimmicks we know have been concocted in positions that most players would have considered resigning.

What, for example, makes it worth while for White to continue playing in the position below? White's situation seems hopeless. The well-supported, passed hostile b-pawn needs only two moves to Queen. White's Rook is badly placed, and his short-hoping Knight shows to poor advantage against Black's long range Bishop. Nevertheless, a formidable player like Marshall can work wonders with even such scrawny material.

But how? If 1.Rxc7+ Kb8, 2.c6 bxc6, 3.Rxc6 b2 and White cannot hold out much longer. Marshall's method is much subtler, and it has the advantage of creating difficulties for his opponent.

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