You know you are a Loser if...

You know you are a Loser if...

Oct 22, 2007, 6:19 AM |

You buy an item you don’t need because the rebate makes it too good of a bargain to pass up, and then never mail in the rebate.


Your retirement stock has taken so many dives, it could qualify for the Olympics.


The only “bond” you own is the one made by Elmer’s Glue.


You ask a Girl Scout for a payment plan on your cookie order.


At the rate you are going you can retire at age 109.


You do more praying at the ATM than at church.


Your stack of bills is taller than your oldest child.


You’ve moved out of  state to avoid paying library fines.


You paid more on late fees last year than you put in your savings (ouch!).


Your children hide their cash birthday gifts from you and your spouse.


Overdraft protection is the main criterion in selecting a bank for your checking account.


You start your kid’s college fund by purchasing Lotto tickets.


You round to the nearest $100 dollars the balance on your checking account.


You balance your checkbook by standing on one leg.


The check that you are expecting has already been spent.


American Express calls and say, “Leave home without it”


Long distance companies don’t call you to switch.


You dropped, but yet you continue to shop.


Let’s face it: Modern America is suffering from the undiagnosed symptoms of CFF (Chronic Financial Failure).


(From the book “Til Debt do Us Part” by Julie Ann Barnhill)