My Best Draw...But I Should Have Won

Dec 30, 2009, 7:48 PM |

Here I drew against a player rated 2154, my best draw in terms of rating.  However, I should have won instead.

My opponent lapsed into time trouble and I emerged with an extra pawn in the rook-pawn endgame to follow.  Unfortunately I made a mistake on the very last move of the game, and my opponent offered me a draw which I had to accept.

White's 12. e5 is probably a mistake, giving up a pawn; I never give up that extra pawn advantage.

Also check out the position after move 23. ... Rb7 where I try to trap white's queen, and the ensuing two moves.

Finally, jump to the end, after 47. Rc4 and see if you can tell what black's move should be.

This is definitely one game I wish I had back.  At least I drew, but I threw away a golden opportunity to beat someone rated 2154.