Blunder into a very interesting position

Blunder into a very interesting position
This following game with my comments inserted was one of the most interesting games I've played recently.  I play at a Class A level at my local chess club in Edmonton and hover around 2000 on the server in these turn-based games.  This was a 3 day per move game where I was black against a much lower rated opponent.  He was 1254 and I was around 1995 at the time.  I tend to not take my games against lower rated opponents psychologically serious enough and came close to losing this one.  I relax a bit and wait for my opponent to blunder.  In this game it was I who blundered first therefore making my opponents decisions a bit easier and my blunders easier.  Even still this game after 19.  Qg2 is a really intersting study.  So here is the game, enjoy!
This is the interesting point of the game.  I actually didn't care about who won at this point, I simply got caught up in the awesome imbalance here.  

The computer evaluates the position as equal but I thought during the game and even still that white must be objectively better.  I simply can't see how the 3 extra pawns here could be equal to the extra piece.

Interestingly I gained no points by winning this game as we had an almost 800 point rating difference!  But it was a fun battle that I didn't expect from a 1200 player.

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  • 6 months ago


    At move 26 black has three mates in one. 

    In the interesting position has black three pawns and a rook more. If white manages to develop his kingside rook, then will it be an equal game. But what if his rooks do not develop? 

    Therefor do I think that after Qxe3+ white should have played Qe2. Something like Qf4 Kf2 Rae1 Qd2 Qg4 Rhg1 might happen. Very dynamic play where white must defend his king with the extra piece.

    What do you think is the best line of play in that position?

  • 4 years ago


    Thanks for this Kevin.

    I didn't see the blunder.  That is why my rating is half of yours.

    Take Care.


  • 4 years ago


    thanks for your comment Dawn.  I edited the game to show the blunders.  Very good point!  the key move Nxg4 was the blunder that made things really interesting!  Maybe a blunder is a strong word because I went from -1 to 0 according to the computer.

  • 4 years ago


    Great blog Kevin! It was very interesting to try and find the blunder, being that I'm still learning and all lol, keep posting!

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