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Blunder into a very interesting position

Feb 9, 2013, 11:41 PM 4
Blunder into a very interesting position
This following game with my comments inserted was one of the most interesting games I've played recently.  I play at a Class A level at my local chess club in Edmonton and hover around 2000 on the chess.com server in these turn-based games.  This was a 3 day per move game where I was black against a much lower rated opponent.  He was 1254 and I was around 1995 at the time.  I tend to not take my games against lower rated opponents psychologically serious enough and came close to losing this one.  I relax a bit and wait for my opponent to blunder.  In this game it was I who blundered first therefore making my opponents decisions a bit easier and my blunders easier.  Even still this game after 19.  Qg2 is a really intersting study.  So here is the game, enjoy!
This is the interesting point of the game.  I actually didn't care about who won at this point, I simply got caught up in the awesome imbalance here.  

The computer evaluates the position as equal but I thought during the game and even still that white must be objectively better.  I simply can't see how the 3 extra pawns here could be equal to the extra piece.

Interestingly I gained no points by winning this game as we had an almost 800 point rating difference!  But it was a fun battle that I didn't expect from a 1200 player.

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