Missed tactics? Missed pawns! Game Analysis 10-minute blitz

Sep 10, 2015, 4:51 AM |

After a lot of messing around in bullet, which I'm really bad at, time to play a more serious 10 minute blitz game. Here it is versus @stephanvong. I'm roughly a 1400 player so here we can learn what sort of thinking and mistakes a 1400 player will make!

First, here is some self-analysis *without* the help of a computer

First the opening

I'm reasonably happy with the opening. Despite probably missing a free pawn, I have stuck to opening theory and themes quite well and I think I have a slight edge

Through the middle game I was sure I was mostly ahead and I spent a long time on the clock trying to make the breakthrough but failed. This is the weakest part of my game in general. So instead I head into an endgame where I certainly feel I have the better chances but I'm behind on the clock and need to make something happen fast.

So better end game technique got me over the line despite being 2 minutes vs 6 minutes in the end!

What do people think of this game? I'm sure I missed some tactics in there... I'll need a closer look