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Tactical sharpness kicking in

Tactical sharpness kicking in

Dec 28, 2016, 7:25 AM 0
I've long been wanting to get good at sharper tactical games with little time to think. The tactical trainer is great but there you get minutes to calculate a line. Here, it is only 5 minute chess where having a nose for tactical ideas is key so you can gain the initiative and push your appointment back.
Finally, I get a game where my opponent's passivity lets me whip up a an attack which I prosecute with a level of accuracy I'm extremely pleased with. And it involves a strong (albeit non-winning) piece sac that my opponent cannot deal with. I suspect this is a really easy sac for a strong player but for me I was really pleased by how I was able to set it up several moves in advance, seeing the potential for a sac and make best preparations for it... and to follow it through with a winning blow. All against a player with a decently higher rating.
My comments inline with my thought processes
Now if only I can kick my habit of simply hanging pieces in 5 minute games, I might get better at this game.

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