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Greensboro Open XI

Aug 17, 2015, 2:52 PM 0

Greensboro Open XI

I had been laying low and out of competitive chess play.  After being thoroughly trounced in the Asheboro Open back in 2011, I decided to delve back into study with my books, puzzles, apps, etc. to dust off the cobwebs and return to the tournament circuit.  

Joining the Greensboro Chess Club earlier this month gave me great motivation to really apply myself to the game and in only a week after joining, I threw myself into the next tournament.

Unfortunately, I did very poorly on my debut return.  With my only point coming from a second round bye, I left a little dejected but not discouraged.  Now I know what I'm up against and I refuse to let this outcome foreshadow my chess career.

Here are my games (will edit and add Round 3 after analysis).


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