danielsmidl vs kharv

Sep 6, 2012, 10:27 AM |
This is a game I played in chess.com's Online chess. It was against an opponent rated nearly 300 points higher than me so I thought it would be good to analyze it. I discussed with my coach, IM Attila Turzo, and he made me realize I had played many better moves of which I was overly critical of during the analysis.

What we did find is that the 12... Nb6 move is a pretty clear mistake since it obstructs the movement of the Queenside pawns, which is where I should have sought counterplay.

Then there was a way to save the game and even get an advantage with 20... Rd4, hitting the Queen, and picking up the d5 pawn on the next move with Nxd5 which also secured the tender b6-square and prevented White forking my rook and Queen.