King’s Indian Defence, Exchange Variation

Oct 1, 2013, 9:26 AM |

I wanted to travel a bit outside the habitual paths so I chose dxe5 instead of O-O in the KID. I feel the whole variation is slightly inferior for White in many lines because of the weakness on d4 and the c4 and e4 pawns that block their own bishop. Nonetheless it is a playable line and I wanted to try something new. The game was pretty much even but then under time pressure I started making mistakes, including the weakening move f4 and the idiotic self-pin Kf3. However it was a good training in the KID Exchange Variation and perhaps I will try to use it again if I face opponents who are more prepared for the main lines.

First is the analysis I did on my own and then I ran the engine on the game. It is very instructive to do it this way because it removes the temptation to turn it on during my own analysis and also there is a feature in Fritz 13 which makes it real easy to have the engine analyze and annotate a whole game. I set it for 30 seconds per move with a dual core computer so it should be pretty decent analysis.