Oct 11, 2014, 6:20 PM |

1) Time is everything.

In my opinion, time is much more important than the actual position in bullet, but of course, your position has to be OK so your opponent can run out of time before you get mated.

If you haven't done so already, enable premove, and be sure to premove whenever possible. Also, always premove natural forced recaptures.

Also, in order to gain a large time advantage, you can't just play "simply", cuz your play would be predidctable by your opponent, and they won't spend much time on their moves. I would suggest you to play some tricky openings or play some "weird" or "creative" moves so your opponent would be a bit shocked to see the move and then have to think for a while cuz its "weird".

2) Watch out for opening trolls / Do them yourself!

I am pretty sure if you played bullet for a while, you would've seen this kind of troll. For example, 1. g3, d5, Bg2, Bh3??, d3 is premoved... and then Bxg2 0-1!

This teaches you not only that you have to be careful not to lose in such premove trolls, but you could do them yourself, which I have on many occasions!

My favorite one of these trolls is to play d6 first, then g6, and then Bh3 (if white played g3). it is CRITICAL to play this before Bg7 since white players would expect Bg7 and not Bh3.

WARNING: A bit more than half the time, white would actually be ready for the troll, if they are above 2000, but I have beaten 2400s with this troll countless time! Below 2000, This troll works about 90% of the time! Good luck with it - But if it doesn't work, DONT RESIGN! Now that you already lost a piece, play more aggressively with hopes your opp will be too happy to be up a piece to try his hardest.

3) Play an "annoying" or "active" opening.

It is well known what kind of openings are "annoying"... Heres a quick list of openings which I am annoyed by:

Grunfeld, Benko Gambit, any type of "e3 b3"

The reason these openings annoy me is it gives the opponent a good active position, which is very important in bullet! Although I don't play the Grunfeld OTB, I use it a lot in bullet, and it surprises me how little people actually know how to play against it.

As white, I also occasionally like to play the g3, d3 thing with e4 and f4, giving me a quick attack, which is very important in bullet. As black, I like to play d5, Nc6, Bg4 with quick o-o-o. While this is not the best opening in real games, this is just bullet! Try it out!

4) Remember: When g3/g6 is played, IMMEDIATELY push ur h-pawn up without fear!

I have gotten used to this strategy, and it almost always gives me some kind of attack. This is since the open h-file would be very useful in the attack against the opp's king. Also possible is when another weakness is created in the opponent's king position, like h3 - This is where you should consider g5-g4, possibly giving up a pawn for counterplay.

5) Choose to be ACTIVE rather than passive.

This is almost ALWAYS the better choice, especially in bullet - since everyone wants to attack. If you let them attack, they will feel comfortable. however, if you counterattack them, they will feel uncomfortable and maybe give you the initiative! So ATTACK, NOT defend - (most of the time).

6) Always give checks whenever possible - ESPECIALLY in the endgame - If the opp doesn't expect it, you get a huge time advantage and really... checks almost can never hurt you -

7) Consider castling queenside whenever possible!


Castling on the opposite side of the board almost always leads to fun positions. However, you still must be careful to make sure the king is at least a bit safe on that side of the board.

Good luck on your bullet! I hope these tips would be helpful! I may write another one if I feel like it!