Posting analysis

Mar 16, 2009, 2:45 PM |

I've installed a free chess engine on my computer, and am going to begin supplimenting the site's analysis with that of the free version of Rybka.  I will be posting the analysis in this blog, mostly so that I will have access to it in the pretty board fashion whenever I like.  I'll be doing the games I've already played first, then catching up from there.

I'll use the following conventions (from White's persepective):

>=+2.50   decisive advantage

+1.50 - +2.49   moderate advantage

+0.50 - +1.49   slight advantage

-0.49 - +0.49   even

-1.49 - -0.50   slight disadvantage

-2.49 - -1.50   moderate disadvantage

<=-2.50   decisive disadvantage

I won't bother adding the subjective !?, ! or !! symbols, but I'll also adopt the following:

?! - difference of -0.50 - -0.99

? - difference of -1.00 - -1.99

?? - difference of -2.00 or more.

This exercise is new to me, so if you've got input please add it.  Also, if you've played a game against me and would like to see the result, send me a message and I'll bump your game of choice up the ranks (include the information [White] v. [Black], (mm/dd/yy)).  Otherwise, I'll just go alphabetically through the pgn's I've downloaded (skipping or delaying uninteresting games at my discretion) until I'm caught up.