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the loved

the loved

Jan 28, 2008, 6:26 AM 1
hey have you ever been in the thing that we call love? well if you are wondering its the thing that makes you insides jump every-time that person speaks or smiles and you smile and you cheeks get all red and you want to just scream and the over whelming feeling you get when the just look in to your eyes and you feel as if the two of you are the only ones on earth and the only thing keeping you here in this horrid world is that person that cares about you if you live or die. This is how i feel now because i have met some one on this site that i care about and if that person feels the same message me (but to all others if you are loved and loving some one then stay there its the best place in the world but if your not then wait and don't go looking cause when you are lease expecting it you will find your love)!!! 

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