How you can learn from Top players

How you can learn from Top players

Aug 26, 2017, 3:04 PM |

As of this writing there are many talented Grandmasters that play on It is a pleasure to see super GMs square off against each other recreationally. What I want you to pay attention to, is how much you can add to your game from these games. 

The beauty of chess is that, regardless of who your oponent is, you still start with equal chances. If I were to compete against Lionel Messi, it just would not be a fair game. His tolerence is better, his heart is adjusted to prolonged exercise, his both feet are used to precision etc. If I were to play Magnus Carlsen, we would start with the SAME chances... Magnus won't get extra Knight moves because he is a grandmaster. There are moves which I could make and beat Carlsen, the wisdom is in finding them.

These games won't neccessarily teach you what to do in your unique game, but you will get the idea as to how these minds analyze the same piece movements on the same board you are using to get different (to say the least) results. So without further ado (or dudes, as Peter Griffin would say), here are some of the games from's top grandmasters to help you improve your game.


Today we are going to see a mysteries GM (presumably a super grandmaster) who plays on

See... no magic. No fancy moves or advanced mathematics. Just chess basics. 

The public perceives grandmasters as inhuman machines, who have The Talent (I write talent in capital because when we use the word talent, we mean a set of skills that come more easily to some people: aptitude. What they mean by Talent is some magical force without which you can't EVER be a grandmaster... in short, an excuse for lazy people).

I don't want to downplay the importance of talent. But you have to see a pattern here... Usually, people who mention the Talent aren't even occupied with the said proffesion...

You never hear Magnus Carlsen respond to getting asked, how he achieved the highest ever rating, and beat the reigning world champion without losing a game, by saying "You gotta have talent!"

Next time you play, consider the simple things. Good opening, control the center, attack when you can (but not too much), when exchanging, consider whether you are making a fair exchange. 

You'll see how these "little" things will pay off!