A Chess Proverb...

A Chess Proverb...

Jan 8, 2013, 9:08 AM |

A song which I feel fits the theme of this message...

After the game, the king and the pawn go into the same box. – Italian Proverb

Despite the impossibility of the location of the pieces, the King, the Queen, the Rook, the Bishop, the Knight and the Pawn are about to go back into the box. What remains behind?.  


In the literal sense, this chess proverb means that when you’re done playing a game of chess, all the unique pieces go back in the same box, no matter how lofty or lowly their position or status in the game, no matter which side they were on. 


In life, when we are done with the ‘game,’ we all go into the “same box”. In the age of this quote, that meant a catacomb or in the ground. Everyone, from a King to a serf (or slave) would end up dead when the game was over. In short, the game is rigged, and no one gets out alive. Kind of sad, but true none the less.


Whether you believe in life with a hereafter, life revolving on a wheel, or death with nothing to follow, all we really have (for the moment, at least) is what we have. All we are is what we make of ourselves. 


Take the bravery and calmness of the pawn to tackle the many numerous obstacles in life, take the unpredictability and risk-taking nature of the knight to truly reach new potential heights and keep a smile on your face.


Take the bishops  intuitive powers and ability to know when and where to strike, to have faith in yourself and realize your own limitations and use this to your advantage and not let it hold you back.  


Take the rooks loyalty, passion and at time stoic nature, to remind you who is pivotal to your happiness and paints a smile on your face, keep them close and like rooks provide them protection.  


Take the queens heart, be true to yourself and have empathy, take her ability to roam and take whatever piece she wishes to prove to yourself you can have  solutions to unlock every hardship.


Take the kings humbleness and positive attitude, take the kings righteousness to fight for the good of society, lead by example, offer a hand to those who need it the most, advocate morality and ethics. Just like the king, never let new scenarios and complications in life faze you, do not shy away, use your intellect and also don't forget to serve those who slave for you (those who give you food, shelter, computer technology, an opportunity to educate yourself, to achieve your potential, those who cherish you and worry about your well-being...).

Now, put the pieces away...








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